Les Solèls de Trovic
A hand-stitched journey of discovery

Thanks to contributors & Partners

Thanks to contributors & Partners

This film project,
impossible without you...

The documentary project "Les Solèls de Trovic" is progressing towards its realization. In fact, the operational realization of this documentary essay on Jacques Trovic could not have existed without the research of course, and this is the work of the author. But the meeting of witnesses, the collection of archives, the shooting of the sequences, the production of the film... All this could not have happened without the team gathered around the project, and even less without the contribution of all those, in companies, institutions and associations, concerned by this fascinating subject, who brought their light to the film's purpose to make it possible and allow it to exist on the screen.


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Thank you to all the people who answered our questions: cultural structures, collectors, art historians, exhibition curators, artists and friends of Jacques Trovic. Thanks to their answers and testimonies, the story of our film is being built frame by frame, reinforced by these exchanges for a living documentary that we would like to show to the artist, if we could.

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